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List of bus services in Singapore

To make references a breeze, I have consolidated the routes of all known public bus services in Singapore. They are separated into two main lists – one for basic bus services and the other for the premiums.

Wherever possible, I have included links to other web guides for individual routes in the event more specific information is required of them (which does happen almost all the time).

Also in the works is a list of all the free shuttle bus services available to the public, as well as guides on getting to Johor Bahru (JB), Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands; all of which should help refine your travel plans even further.

List of Basic bus services
(includes feeder, basic-plus, Scheme B and night bus routes)

List of Premium bus services
(includes those operated by private bus operators)

List of free shuttle bus services
**coming soon**

List of wheelchair accessible bus (WAB) services

List of bus services to Resorts World Sentosa/Universal Studios Singapore
(includes Premium services by Transtar)

List of bus services to Marina Bay Sands
**coming soon**

List of cross-border bus services to Johor Bahru (JB)


1. jen - March 11, 2010

i like this website & very ez to understand, very systematic but then, may i suggested that u add services for tourists & foreigner, who likes to visit our places of interest, convenience for them too in case some are shy to ask our fellow singaporean.

by the way, i couldn’t find buses or shuttle to marina barriage, can u assist?


hafizbam - September 12, 2010

You can utilise SBST’s service 400 or the free shuttle bus plying between Marina Bay MRT and Marina Barrage.

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