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Hello 2010… Goodbye TVMobile! January 3, 2010

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End of an era - no more TVMobile in buses.

End of an era - no more TVMobile in buses.

The year 2009 ended on a good note, well, for local public transport at least. The airconditioned Boon Lay bus interchange finally commenced operations and even better, the much-hated TVMobile finally ceased airing in buses. Yup, that means no more noise to disturb your bus journeys with SBS Transit. While the fate of the hundreds of television monitors remain unknown, this might be a good opportunity for SBS Transit to trial an in-bus visual passenger information system without incurring too high a start-up cost.

Regardless, 2010 might prove to be just the year I’ve been looking forward to – if LTA finally takes over the role of central bus planner. They seem to be taking far too much time in getting the ball rolling since the series of radical changes to the public transport network were made public a couple of years back.

In the meantime though, where Singapore Bus Page is concerned, I would like to thank all you readers out there for helping to boost the number of visits to this site. It’s just the push I needed to keep the site running. Do stay tuned for more transport reviews in addition to the regular news bites you may not get elsewhere. As always, any tip-off or contribution is greatly encouraged!

Happy 2010!

Welcome aboard! November 1, 2009

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Hello! You have just hopped on to the Singapore Bus Page, my platform for news and comment on topics concerning my areas of interest – buses and other modes of public transport in Singapore.

In addition to regular updates on the latest happenings in the local public transport scene, I will be putting up occasional reviews on buses plying the roads of Singapore, including my rides on the many express buses shuttling between Singapore and various destinations in Malaysia.

From time to time, I will also be sharing my experiences onboard flights by various carriers in the region. Indeed, my interest in aviation and land transport complement each other well in my overseas travels!

I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I had penning them down. Any comments, including your personal experiences would be most welcomed!

See you again soon!

Hafiz BAM

The way forward: greater (website) integration December 13, 2008

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It has been slightly more than a year since I started the Singapore Bus Page and I must say, I am impressed with the increase in readership and exposure it has received in other websites over the past months, from just about 300 views a month to more than 20 times that number in recent months.

This definitely cannot be achieved had you, the reader, not made this site one of your references for both general bus service information and the perspective of me, a bus enthusiast, on the many issues pertaining to local buses and the systems related to it. And the comments I have been receiving proves just that.

For this, I would like to thank you. Keep those comments coming in, be it positive or otherwise, and I will try my best to help you. Or at least direct you to other relevant websites. I have however, enhanced the most popular page of the blog – the list of Premium bus services – by bolding town names which should make it easier for visitors to search for any routes in their estates.

Here, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you TransitLink’s Electronic Bus Guide, or EGuide for short. While it has been around for quite some time, I am confident not many commuters are actually aware of the site, which I must say, is probably the one and only to provide the most integrated travel information for both the two major public transport companies SBS Transit and SMRT.

The drawback however, is that it does not include information on premium bus services operated by companies other than the two mentioned, and instead provides links to other sites such as LTA’s newly created Public Transport @ SG.

While so much has been planned out in a bid to improve the local public transport system in the coming years, it is quite sad to note that there has not been any mention of the creation of a one-stop website housing everything from A to Z that a commuter would find useful in helping to plan his everyday journey. Perhaps it is high time the authorities expand its Public Transport @ SG to be as effective, if not better, than London’s Transport for London’s (TfL) website.

Not only will it reduce the burden of bus operators in hosting a bus guide which will not include information of their rivals’ services, it will help make life much, much easier for the growing number of public transport commuters in the years to come.

New list for premium bus services July 6, 2008

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In view of the dramatic increase in the number of premium bus services over the past few months by both the major bus operators as well as the small private ones, I have split the list of bus services page into two – one for basic and basic-plus bus services and another for the premiums.

In addition, I have added Scheme B bus services (ie the 6xx peak-hour bus services operated by private companies) into the basic bus services list. The list may not be complete as there are very few sources, if any, of information on such services.

The list of bus services page happens to be the page with the highest number of visits and I hope this slight change will help improve your future visits here for quick reference on the bus services available in Singapore.

More Premiums = no more basics? March 3, 2008

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The Public Transport Authority (PTC) has recently updated their list of approved bus services, which I’m proud to say, was the result of my feedback for greater transparency (following my angsty complaint on why Woodlands/Yishun-bound 109 and 110 by SBS Transit were rejected).

And it was no surprise. Almost 90% of the list was occupied by approvals for new premium bus routes by various operators, most notably dominant SBS Transit which has since launched new routes into rival SMRT’s territory, namely Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang. Upcoming ones include CBD-bound routes from Yishun and even Meyer Road, from which SMRT’s BusPlus 547 has been operating from comfortably for a number of years now.

Other private operators have also entered the fray, with Tong Tar Transport running a new service between Jurong East and NTU for those who are more willing to fork out slightly more for a more comfortable ride to school instead of cramming themselves up on SBST 179. Also expanding is Bus Hub Services run by a group of former TIBS staff, now running two routes from Yio Chu Kang and Seletar.

Needless to say, commuters now have more choices to travel to work. But would this also mean that the main bus companies, SBS Transit and SMRT Buses, stop improving their basic bus services altogether? From the PTC list, the only approved change to basic services would be the extension of route 48 at both ends, to Kent Ridge in the west and Bedok North Depot in the east. And that’s it. Until LTA takes over bus planning responsibilities come 2009, the public can expect the local bus network to come to a standstill, with only new expensive premium routes popping up once in a while.

And yes, the List of Bus Services available on the right column has been updated to include more comprehensive information of bus services operated by the private bus operators.

The birth of something new. November 3, 2007

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Welcome to the Singapore Bus Page.

Yes, for the more informed, this blog (or what I prefer to call a site) would seem like an exact copy of the London Bus Page in Exile of Matthew Wharmby. But with a twist. As the name suggests, this would be a site dedicated to happenings in the local bus scene in Singapore instead.

Why the birth of such a site? Simple. Unlike the very active bus enthusiast community in say London or Hong Kong, Singapore’s relatively much smaller population – coupled with an excess of people rushing to own private transport – has resulted in a somewhat lacklustre local bus enthusiast community, which, I must admit, is indeed still growing albeit at a slow rate. But that aside, this site would be my platform to voice my own opinions on the latest happenings in town and what-nots. Be it the introduction or changes to bus routes, redeployments of sorts and any company-related happenings.

And I aint making it solely for my own entertainment. Here, I invite you readers out there who happen to chance upon this site to air YOUR own opinions about the articles I will be posting in my bid to help engage active participation and discussion among the local – and international – bus enthusiast communities. And if you want me to comment or discuss any topic in particular, feel free to email me the (not necessarily terrific) relevant photos.

I look forward to more good things to come – no less with your active participation.

Muhammad Hafiz B A M