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Advance Coach launches new cross-border service AC7 to JB December 13, 2010

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Poster for service AC7

Poster for service AC7 at Yishun bus interchange. Courtesy of Muhd Faizal.

Private bus operator Advance Coach is set to launch yet another new cross-border bus service into Johor Bahru (JB), this time from Yishun bus interchange, effective Wednesday 15 December 2010.

Buses for the new service AC7 will depart every 20 minutes and will ply Yishun Avenue 2, Yishun Avenue 7, Sembawang Road (Sembawang Shopping Centre), Sembawang Way (Sembawang MRT station) and Woodlands Avenue 9 before calling at the immigration checkpoints and City Square Mall in JB.

A flat fare of S$2 is charged in Singapore. Payment by ez-link cards are accepted. In JB, passengers can opt to pay RM2 in cash, but those using their ez-link cards will still be charged S$2. At Yishun Interchange, service AC7 shares the boarding berth queue with SMRT services 171 and 812, near the passenger service counter.

Operating hours for service AC7:
From Yishun Interchange:
0545 – 2330 hours (Mon-Sat), 0600 – 2330 hours (Sun & P.H.)
From Kotaraya II Terminal:
0500 – 2350 hours (Mon-Sat), 0540 – 2350 hours (Sun & P.H.)

The launch of service AC7 marks the entry of Advance Coach as the latest player in the regular public bus service sector. It follows the earlier introduction of Transtar’s cross-border services TS1 and TS8 from Changi Airport and Resorts World Sentosa respectively.



1. Winson. W - December 15, 2010

I go to Yishun today just want to take a photo of the AC7. But seemed that the bus route is not operating. At the bus int, I did not see any AC bus. Then, the number AC7 on the boarding breth was covered.

2. TK - December 17, 2010

i never took public bus to JB before, so when reach the customs do we get down, go thru custom then get back on bus?

hafizbam - December 18, 2010

Yes you will have to alight, go through security checks and reboard either the same bus you alighted from, or the bus after it if you take too long to clear immigration.

3. viji - December 20, 2010

I took the bus svc from Yishun last Saturday. Everything was smooth till reach the checkpt. The driver instead of turning to the road leading to checkpt went straight to kranji and then u turn back and was stopped by traffic police. He could not speak english, he is from China and the passenger had to help out. After the custom check we went down to wait for the bus there was no sign stating where to board the bus. We had the same experience at JB customs no berth has been assigned yet. We waited around to go back to Singapore but no sign of the bus. And we had to take svc 170 back. The operator should have put up signs so at least we know where to board at the checkpts

4. PS - January 13, 2011

The bus route good for people travel yi shun to JB.
But the bus driver always reject to fetch passengers in SG custom to yi shun in the morning and they ask passengers taking next bus coming.we need wait half to 1 hour.That waste our time for waiting for us going to work.that is peak hour for going work.

5. Di - January 17, 2011

Ya right 20mins. I waited for 40mins and it’s still not here.

6. keltan8 - March 24, 2011

Can we board the bus at any bus stop in singapore ?

hafizbam - October 5, 2011

Yes you can. Flat fare of S$2 applies.

7. Lee - April 1, 2011

Please provide more bus because every time i need to wait more than 30 minute for the bus at Yishun. Sometimes around an hour wait for it. When i reached Singapore custom, i found that was three buses waiting there. Is it necessary to put many buses waiting at custom? That make me feel like wasting time waiting at Yishun. Please improve.

8. Axellina - May 14, 2011

Today I have a bad experience to take this bus. Morning wait about 25mins for the bus to arrived where I waiting at Yishun ave 2. But the bus is full seated. After I finish shopping at JB. I wait more than 1 hour then the bus just arrived. From around 3pm wait until 4pm. Everyone was waiting at the platform and no seat for an hour!
Other bus services are prompt and cheap but AC7 we paid for SGD2 to get a lousy bus services!

9. interest babe - October 5, 2011

Does it make a stop at the bus stops along the route?

hafizbam - October 5, 2011

Yes it does. However, be warned that since passengers usually alight at major stops near MRT stations etc, drivers have been reported to speed past the other bus stops.

10. Fish - December 6, 2011

Is the bus service still operating currently?

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