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Where’s my link to Pioneer MRT station? March 7, 2009

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The whole of Singapore knew about the Boon Lay MRT extension to Pioneer and Joo Koon and everyone, especially residents in the westernmost HDB estates of the country simply could not wait any longer. Not only will they enjoy added convenience, they get to save precious time and reduce transport expenditure.

But when the day came about a week ago, only those staying within the vicinity of Pioneer station had much to cheer about. Those staying to the north of the station, the old-timers of Jurong West Streets 91 and 81, still had to endure with no other alternatives but their same old feeder bus services that will only take them to the congested Boon Lay Interchange/Station.

So what happened?

I am not blaming the bus company there, for I know it has plans of its own. And so far, it has been relatively responsive to major changes in travelling patterns. What bugs me is the very authority who will be taking over the planning of bus routes, or should I say, already in the process of doing so. Surely, what can be so difficult about implementing minor changes to the feeder bus service network in the Jurong West Extension area, especially now that it has been one week since the trains started travelling further west?

This was one early opportunity for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to showcase its role as the better planner of integrated travel, which it could have done by altering the bus routes (such as feeder services 242 and 243) in tandem with the opening of the two new train stations. At most, if it wants to reduce confusion amid all the hype, effect the changes by this weekend.  If major nationwide changes could be carried out during the rationalisation phases in the 1990s, surely this would seem like child’s play for the planners up there?

Some may argue, “got MRT station complain, no MRT station also complain”. But then again, it’s the very authorities who have been very vocal over their own rigid policies of maximising the usage of rail lines, to the extent that bus routes must always be rationalised to divert as many people as possible to the nearest train stations for travel to other parts of town.

So LTA (and PTC and MOT and whatever lotsa other red tape), please practise what you preach and get the crowds to Pioneer MRT station soonest possible.



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