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A case of accidental redeployment for 925 June 7, 2008

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TIB807Y on 925 towards Choa Chu Kang via Sungei Kadut

Amidst the major redeployment exercise that took place among all three depots of SMRT Buses a while back, there is one particular service which was not intended for any change, but got it anyway. This was the 925.

The 925 (Woodlands to Choa Chu Kang via Sungei Kadut on weekdays; to Sungei Buloh on Sundays) has originally been under the charge of Kranji Depot since inception and traditionally had DAF buses in its fleet. Following changes to scheduling and deployments, its fleet is now made up of the few Hino buses cascaded from the Bukit Batok feeder services, plus the occasional DAF. Its timetable has also been worked out such that it has crossover buses from route 177 during off-peak hours when the 177 is not running.

This is where the fun comes in. The 177 has been under Kranji Depot until 23rd March, when its duties were transferred over to Woodlands Depot, together with those of 61 and 173, in exchange for 75, 700 and 970. WLDEP then decided to deploy four buses from route 75 which it has lost to route 177, all of which are converted aircon (CAC) Hispano Mercedes 0405 buses (TIB727U, TIB739K, TIB767D, TIB788T). However, amidst all these changes, the timetable and crossover structure between the 177 and 925 remains unchanged, that is to say buses serving route 177 still make trips on the 925 during off-peak hours between the morning and evening peak periods!

As such, the fleet for service 925 now comprises of the original Hinos and occasional DAFs from KJDEP, plus the Mercedes buses from WLDEP, indirectly converting the 925 into a dual-depot controlled service… by accident!

TIB628Y on 925 towards Sungei Buloh Nature Park. Courtesy of Varun Naidu.

This unique deployment pattern however, is not restricted to the 925. Services 700 and 963 for instance, still maintains the bendy bus crossover slot, which will be usually run by TIB977P or TIB1046U of 963. This is despite the fact that route 700 has been passed on to Kranji Depot from Woodlands.



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