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Unnecessary “double-deckerisation” February 26, 2008

Posted by hafizbam in Deployment Updates, Something New.
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SBS9231S on route 225 (Green plate)

And it has been done again.

Yet another feeder bus route formerly with a full fleet of single decks has received its share of double deckers, albeit unnecessarily. It is route 225 (both the green and white plates, no less) whose total running time is no more than twenty minutes tops. While there is no doubt the 225 is a high-demand service, the green plate more so than its white counterpart, a simple increase in frequency through a possible addition on one more single deck would have sufficed (the 225 was my former local bus route).

This is a fine example of what the LTA should look into once it starts tendering out bus routes in the near future – including the types of buses that the winning bidder has to run for each specific route, as in the case of London, so as to optimise resources and make commuters’ travelling experience even better without having the need for major overhauls.

I have always believed articulated buses work very well for feeder bus routes which usually do not exceed more than twenty minutes to the end destination from the interchange itself, as most passengers would most probably stay on the lower deck due to the short journey time. It is definitely seen on 9231S which did 225 green plate on the first day, a similar trend observed on 291 etc. The only times double deckers have been successful on feeders here would be on the higher demand routes with slightly longer journey times to the furthest destination, the 242 and 334 coming to mind.

In any case, it is commendable that SBS Transit is at least trying to continuously improve its services, unlike rival SMRT Buses which is even cutting the number of articulated buses for its feeders every weekend in a bid to save costs.



1. Happentopassby - January 21, 2009

You obviously do not live in an HDB flat near a bus stop one of these bendies stop at…I do. The roars of the engines and the screeches made by the tyres are enough to kill. Sometimes, I really feel like throwing stones at the bendy monsters passing by…violent I know but you’d turn violent, at least in your mind, if you have these monsters coming around every few minutes, both sides of the roads, every single day…you can’t shut all the windows or use double-glazing cos the room will get too dark and ventilation will not be good. In the end, your health suffers and you get headaches all day.. And the worst thing is that you know neither the LTA or the bus company would care. Sorry for ranting.

2. hafizbam - January 27, 2009

Pardon me for correcting you, but yes I do live near a bus stop whose sole bus service not only have bendies deployed on it, but also the loud Scania 12-metres. And just a few metres down is another road with yet another feeder bus service with the most number of bendies in the town. Call it a double whammy.

It just happens, unfortunately, that our bendy buses here are of the noisier engined Mercedes Benz 0405Gs. It would be nice if SMRT can replace them with quieter counterparts, even from other bus manufacturers like Volvo. My experience with them in countries like the UK, have been pleasant and surprisingly quiet 🙂

Thus, minus the engines, my stand on the feeders and bendies should stand.

3. Happentopassby - March 10, 2009

If you can get smrt to run their bendies minus the engines, I would perhaps stand on your side.

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