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The birth of something new. November 3, 2007

Posted by hafizbam in Site News.
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Welcome to the Singapore Bus Page.

Yes, for the more informed, this blog (or what I prefer to call a site) would seem like an exact copy of the London Bus Page in Exile of Matthew Wharmby. But with a twist. As the name suggests, this would be a site dedicated to happenings in the local bus scene in Singapore instead.

Why the birth of such a site? Simple. Unlike the very active bus enthusiast community in say London or Hong Kong, Singapore’s relatively much smaller population – coupled with an excess of people rushing to own private transport – has resulted in a somewhat lacklustre local bus enthusiast community, which, I must admit, is indeed still growing albeit at a slow rate. But that aside, this site would be my platform to voice my own opinions on the latest happenings in town and what-nots. Be it the introduction or changes to bus routes, redeployments of sorts and any company-related happenings.

And I aint making it solely for my own entertainment. Here, I invite you readers out there who happen to chance upon this site to air YOUR own opinions about the articles I will be posting in my bid to help engage active participation and discussion among the local – and international – bus enthusiast communities. And if you want me to comment or discuss any topic in particular, feel free to email me the (not necessarily terrific) relevant photos.

I look forward to more good things to come – no less with your active participation.

Muhammad Hafiz B A M



1. hafizbam - November 3, 2007

Hey people. Keep the comments coming in ya! =)

2. Daniel Chin - January 20, 2008

Dear Hafiz,

I enjoyed your interesting articles so far.

Wonder if there is a possibility of providing RSS feed? Many thanks.

3. hafizbam - January 21, 2008

#2: Heya Daniel, I took a peek at your website too and was pleasantly surprised to find a related website =)

Rest assured I will definitely consider and look into implementing it asap.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading more articles of mine to come.

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